Homemade Beef Egg Rolls

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I’ve been itching to make some egg rolls ever since my mom gave me some cabbage from their garden!  However, while egg rolls are oh-so-delicious, they do take a little while to make: preparing the filling, “stuffing” them, frying, and cleaning up afterward including straining the fryer oil.

The last time we were shopping, I finally decided that I was going to make egg rolls this week and bought some wrappers.  I’m really glad I did. (And so is my husband!)

Beef Egg Rolls

Filling Ingredients:

(You don’t have to be exact with any of these measurements!  Also, make as much as you want for as many egg rolls as you want; egg rolls are great leftovers, in my opinion!)

– ground beef (well, technically I used ground chuck)

– chopped cabbage

– shredded/grated carrot/s

– chopped onion

– garlic or granulated garlic

– salt and pepper

– soy sauce…

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